Gioacchino Rossini – William Tell (trombone solo) (VIII)

Gioacchino Rossini – William Tell

            This opera was the last opera which was composed by Rossini and in 1829 it was performed in Paris for the first time. William Tell became a very popular opera in a short time. Actually, this opera lasts 6 hour. For that reason, generally William Tell was performed just one fret because performers and also audiences were tired.

Rossini composed long and fast melodies for trombone in this opera. This solo is really fast and performers must be careful at their timber in that fast and technical passage. Sometimes, performers forget the sound value and intonation because they just focus on the notes and the tempo. While practicing this solo, performers must breathe shortly, fast and without spoiling the sound. Also, maybe eighth notes could be play longer. This situation provides time to performers for a good timber. While playing William Tell’s important trombone solo tongue mustn’t push the air, air must goes on with tongue. Eighth notes are very important. Other attached notes are important too but performers must give attention to these notes because generally performers play these eighth notes early or late. While practicing this solo, if performers divide it and practice with different tempos, it will be beneficial to them and also performers can play in the right tempo without mistakes. Afterwards, they must put together these little melodies. Then they can see that, this solo can played without rhythmical and intonation mistakes also, can played with excellent timber.



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