Aspects of Baroque Style (XII)

I have started my research with J.S.Bach’s violin sonatas and how they should be interpreted by violinists. First, I wrote my ideas about the interpretation, how the sonatas should be played but I could not find any articles or performance recordings that are supporting my thoughts. This research helped me to refresh my knowledge about baroque era and also helped me to learn new things, not only just about music but also about philosophy or dance styles of the baroque period.

Baroque period was an important process in all fields; music, architecture, dance, sculpture, philosophy, science… So many exploration had been made by scientists, new ideas were born by philosophers, opera was born in music, etc. The most important phenomenon in the period was “contrast”. In all art branches, contrast had a huge role.

According to many musicians, baroque music is really hard to understand and perform. Not so many people might love it especially the performers because its intonation is hard to realize correctly whilst reflecting the music truly. As I defended in my writings, the baroque pieces should be interpreted as how they were in the baroque era. According to my research, as far as I understand, European musicians were never agreed with this idea. I know that instruments were really different, also the apprehension was different, but the music of all periods should never lose their originality.


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