Bassoon players spend lots of time with reed making and especially reed scratching. But the results are not promisingly good all the time, till the performer gets used to make reeds. Performers want to spend min. time to gain good sounding results. To get good results player should know what will differ when which place of the reed was scratched. Unfortunately only knowledge is not enough players also have to gain experience by making mistakes.

In order to achieve the reeds in the way this fits to player, first thing that you should identify the reed.

You take measures to correct all of the problems in the order that they reveal themselves.


The first thing that reed needs before scratching is identifying the reed. It is important because if you know what is the problem with the reed than you will know what to do to which part. It is not good to stigmatizing the reed as “it is waste” because the worst or impossible cane can be turned out with a beautiful results. When you blow the reed you will feel that it is not OK. That good but important thing is to diagnose what is the problem. There can be more than one problem at the same reed and sometimes reed can be a just a mass.  If there is only one problem it will be easier to handle. In example the reed may have problem with de “E” note in the second octave you should scratch the part which effects tonguing. But if there are more problems than one you should be more systematic in order to solve problems step by step. When you blow the reed you will understand in a second if the reed has dark sound, hard to blow, has too bright sound, hard to play high register or low register, too metallic sound etc. To reveal the problems truly you should not be inpatient. Scratch very few and play with it and do it over and over.



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