tchaikovsky violin concerto



              Tchaikovsky’s one of the best known works is among violin concertos. This piece is clearly romantic and also very virtuosity technically work. This concerto based on story and also Tchaikovsky’ letters were including the story. In 1878, Tchaikovsky with his friend Losif Kotek who was the very skilful Russian violinist and Tchaikovsky’s best friend, played very large violin repertoire and also in particular the French composer Lalo’s symphony Espagnole  that it seems inspired him to write a violin concerto.

               Tchaikovsky wrote his wife Nadezhda Von Meck,” this evening I was seized… quite unexpectedly with a burning inspiration…”( Tchaikovsky so he began composition of the violin concerto besides his piano sonata on which he worked same time.  Tchaikovsky continued to write his wife the every stage of composition this concerto and all of his letters he wrote every detail and his feelings. After finishing and playing through the concerto with Losif Kotek the violin concerto, he decided to write    a new andante. After writing new andante he said “better suited to the concertos other two movements”. He decided to add also other two violins works original andante.

                 The first performance of this concerto was in Russia with Saint Petersburg with Leopold Auer.  And then with Kotek in Moscow however, they were not successful and the concerto was not gain repetition and no one wanted to perform it. After first performer, in Vienna with violinist Adolph Brodsky, people started to affect this concerto and then there were many news and critics about the concerto.

                  As everyone knows this concerto has very beautiful romantic and sensitive melody. Nowadays, there are many violinist play this concerto and also there are different performance. Generally, too many performances are not exactly good because there are lots of technical and virtuosity passage in this concerto, and lots of violinists don’t play truly so I think the music is not exact and people don’t understand the music because of the performance.

                 The concerto has a third movement like every concerto and first movement introduction with first violin theme and this theme is smooth and hard to perform it. It is not a big beginning before the soloist it is just a link. And then solo starts alone without accompaniment orchestra after eight bar we can hear the main theme of the concerto with orchestra. Even is there are lots of virtuosity technical passage, there is always theme line in music and one of the most important thing for performer is playing and showing this theme line correctly. The cadenza is the middle of the concerto and begins with accords. The cadenza was produced as an improvisational showpiece by the performer. Cadenza is very technical and also musical; there are arpeggios and descending chromatic scales. However, after finishing cadenza we can hear again the smooth and beautiful theme with first flute. After cadenza generally performances are little tired but the first movement of concerto is not finished. The second movement of concerto is not longer and very dramatic and melancholy melody and repeating with other octaves. The soloist entering the movement with con sordino the soloist has been overcome by the sadness of the orchestra. The third movement of the concerto is suddenly with attaca. By very energetic powerful orchestra beginning solo plays and all of the movement continue technical and orchestra especially this movement not accompaniment, actually like a dialog and conservation between soloist and orchestra.

                Tchaikovsky violin concerto is very famous piece among the world and it is necessary to play the competition of Tchaikovsky and also other violin competition. The violin concerto is very important among the violin repertoire.







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