Historical Development of Violin Concertos (X) – Performance Practice of Mozart Violin Concerto No: 5

Performance of Mozart’s violin concertos is admitted to be among the most rough interpretations within the repertoire.

There are several aspects which should be realized in performing Mozart’s concertos. I will discuss these aspects regarding performances of several famous violin virtuosi, Janine Jansen and Anne Sophie Mutter.

Performing Mozart’s music requires lots of qualifies. First of all, all violin concertos have major tonality, thus they have brilliant keys such as in A major concerto. It is hard not only for intonation but also for timbre. Because it is in such a brilliant major tonality, every note must be precise and a little mistake in intonation causes the interruption of a musical line.

Secondly, Mozart’s music can be assumed that phrasing is easy because of classical form structure. Besides this, because it is so precise it is harder. For instance, lots of performers do not pay attention about accents which ends phase.

Moreover, since it is articulated and possesses fast rhythms it requires to be performed with qualified articulation and a qualified right hand technique.

Furthermore, Mozart composed all his violin concertos under the influence of operatic style. Soloist should perform it as an aria. Tempo is also important for performance of  Mozart concertos. It should be not so fast.

One of the most important aspects of good performance of Mozart concertos is phrasing. Soloist should pay attention to phrasing and sentences.

According to my opinion, Janine Jansen, is one of most famous young violin virtuosi performs concerto in a Romantic way. Although, her phrasing is successful, and tone color is brilliant, accents are in wrong time and too much for Mozart’s style.

In contrast to this, Mutter, performs Mozart 5 concerto in different way. Her tempo is slower than Jansen, there is not so much accent and everything is definite and clear.


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