Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Requiem – Tuba Mirum (X)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Requiem – Tuba Mirum

Most people know that, Mozart could not finish and his student Franz Xavier Süssmayer finished that Requiem. Mozart just composed trombone solo until measure 18 and Süssmayer finished this solo in measure 24.

If we look Mozart’s religious chorus pieces which he composed in early classic and baroque period, we can understand why Mozart used trombone as a solo instrument. This piece is really important in orchestra exams because legato style and musical expression is really hard in that piece.

At the beginning of the solo, the most important think is breathing. Prof. Armin Bachmann who is worldwide known and professional trombone player, recommended that the beginning of this solo’s first phrase must played with one breathe. However if performer has to breathe, performer must breathe at the end of first measure or between third and fourth beat which is in second measure or before third measure. Breathe must be slip out of.

Most performers aware of that rest’s rhythmical importance which is in measure 4. While playing first, second and third movement if performer thinks of eighth notes, his/her playing get easy in measure 5. At the continuation of solo, it must be played as far as possible beautiful and musical expression. In this expression, nuances and accents are very important. It mustn’t be forgotten that, trombone part depends on vocal part. Briefly, solo must be played with expressive and roll a log for vocal part.

If performers want good intonation and tone value, they must avoid from changing of positions. However there are two exceptional parts. F note which is in measure 6’s third beat must play with trombone’s fourth position because it must be same with G flat note before that F note. Other exceptional part is, b flat note which is in measure 13, must play with trombone’s fifth position because it is useful for glissando problem. Tuba Mirum is really important piece for trombones because lots of orchestra pieces’ composer just use trombone as an accompaniment instrument and in this piece, Mozart showed how trombone can make good and soft music in orchestra.




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