Entartete Musik (XII) – General View

Entartete Musik or Degenerate Music was so attractive for me from the very beginning to the end, that I researched on  this subject with pleasure. In my opinion, knowing this subject is important, because in musical life there are not just good things, unfortunately. With Entartete Musik, I learned dark sides of the music history. In addition to this, I learnt some information about composers whom I did not know before. Likewise, through the end of my research, I analyzed some viola pieces and this assisted me very much that now I have a huge knowledge about the viola repertory’s compositions. Because that I play viola, these analyses supported me in advantageous way. In this research, I handled Degenerate Music Composers and examined their life and compositions because I wanted to know under which conditions they sustained their life and wrote their compositions. I encountered with very awful situations and points.

Entartete Musik is a term that was used by the Nazis to insult the composers who written against their expectations. This term emerged with the rise of the Nazi regime and continued until the end of the World War II. Owing to this regime, many valuable composers like Hindemith, Webern, Schreker and Krenek, who rose in Germany, were forced to leave their country or to live under bad conditions in their homeland. Their compositions were banned from both radio broadcast and public performance. In addition to this, they were blacklisted and in Entartete Music Exhibition they were insulted brutally. Their crime was being modernist composers. However, in our contemporary life, these events were not forgotten and its repercussions still continue.

When all these are considered, as my view, each musician should have knowledge about this issue because it is related with the recent past. In addition to this, with knowledge, the works of Entartete Musik composers, their styles and characters can be understood perfectly. Related to this, their experiences about Entartete Musik give very important clues for understanding them as both musician and person. Because of that I suggest everyone to be informed about this historical term and period of musical composition.


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