Berlioz composed Hungarian March when he was in Central Europe Tour and especially for Budapest for performing. He showed trombones very glorious with hard technical passages. This solo is proper to orchestra exams because musicians can show themselves with this strong, characteristic, tonality solo and addition to that, piece is going fast and rhythmical at the middle octave.

While playing this solo, musicians must pay attention to the slide because this solo’s tempo is important and hard to slide passing. Therefore, musicians must study be careful and slowly for right notes and positions. Right slide positions can just save this piece. At the beginning of the study, it is important to make intonation exercises. In this solo, must be careful to differences between whole notes and semitones because in nine and ten measures, tempo is fast. And consequently, sometimes d could be sharp and e could be flat because c#-d-e-f notes are played only with one move by pulling the slide. So, musicians must be careful to intonation.

While playing orchestra pieces, it is important to be patient. Before playing in the right tempo and make nuances, musicians have to make exercises to catch for the right tempo.

This piece’s trombone solos composed for three trombones and in the first trombone’s part, there is no octave jumps. For a good control, musicians can study second trombone’s part because second trombone has the most important part for intonation and tempo. While playing the solo, eight notes can play longer for this piece not to be coarse. It mustn’t be played harsh (especially octave jumps).

hungar 1


hungar 2


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