Correct Breathing Techniques for Wind Instrument Players 12- Using Vocal Technique for Brass Instrument Players

Singers and brass players have so many common points. Both are air based instruments and body usage are similar each other.

Many brass players’ common problem is wrong posing their throat. Learning vocal technique and applying it is a best solution ever for brasses.

If you wrong posing your throat the sound you have will be not “a-o-ö” but will be “e- i even ı”. So, to have large and attractive sound you should pose your throat right. Also wrong technique gets you down; you get tired too early, could not be flexible enough and ability you have pretended.

Steven Mead advices some methods:

–      keep the aperture of the lips open and focused,

–      relax the neck and shoulder muscles

–      use the strong diaphragmatic muscle

–      sing a letter and get it bigger

–      try to have a vibration on your chest

–      get the voice bigger and feel your throat

–      pose your tong but do not execrate it

–       do not think complex make it easy

–      Support every tone with the right air

According to these techniques try to do it without instrument, then only with mouthpiece. After feeling the vibrations in your chest try to do it with mouthpiece. Think the sound and diaphragm at the same time. Then give a rest for 30 minutes and practice it every day and you will see the chancing about your tone color and musicality.

What Mr. Meads’ advices are so important and beneficial for brass players technically and musically. Many players encounter with wrong throat posing problem so, it is a big obstacle for wind instrument players.



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