Aspects of Baroque Style (IV) – New approaches to Bach’s music

                 The solo violin works which composed by J. S. Bach, have a huge importance in violin repertoire since the mid-eighteenth century and also it shows a violinist’s musical technique and maturity. What J. S. Bach did so important to make us to keep his pieces in all instrument repertoires until the twenty-first century? In my opinion there are two answers, the first one is; he created pieces that are really open to show musicians’ maturity, his perception is so different and he reflected it to his pieces clearly. The second answer on my own is may be generalized, but because he had an incredible perception of music and mind, he had created a music that will never die.

            Until this years, plenty of musicians have heard these pieces and understand it according to their own times, it includes us either. This also affects the performing of musicians which belong different periods. Not only we have seen different interpretations but also musicians make their own versions of these works and publish it. They change a lot of things like finger prints, bow techniques and notations. By doing this, they try to show us what is true for them and how they heard the piece on their own style and century.

            In my previous paper, it is mentioned about the general techniques of violin in the baroque era. Now I would like to mention how for-note chords are playing in modern era and how it was played in the baroque period. In these years, performers broke the chords as two- two, or one-three. Nevertheless, based on the historical sources, the chords were played as separate instead of playing them simultaneously. It is useful to emphasize on the melody if it is in the “middle note” instead of the “bass note.” (It can be seen in G minor sonata.) If the chord is broken by the performer as two-two or one-three, the other notes would have been disappearing and the melodic line which composer want to emphasize would not be heard by the listener.

            I have been claiming in my previous papers that, not to lose the origin of the baroque technique and Bach’s originality is important. But is it possible while all the musical techniques and perception is grooving day by day?


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