Film Music (VI) – The harmony of music and movie

Music is the most important part of movie that we are talking since first essay. Music reflects emotions and makes announcements to audience. Some musicians when they compose for film, they try their bests to create an impact. However, sometimes they forget the first step of composing for film:  the harmony of music and movie.

What is the harmony? Actually, we have talked before while saying balance. Firstly, I want to mention about role of music. This idea can change musician to musician or both director and musician, because it is not standardized. The idea is that music should be the inner voice of audience. It means that music should talk about hidden words and hidden ideas. The example of the idea is that when we watching a movie, if we do not emphasize on music and if the frame creates tremendous effects, the idea can make sense. It is like hypnosis. Music should hypnosis people, when they are affected by movie, they do not aware of music.

How can this harmony be provided? The main point is learning subject of movie and understanding written and hidden themes. This is the first part of this subject. The second part is the most difficult one that creating music in this style. Actually, there is no concrete formula to make it however, experiences can help musician to catch that point. Some Examples:  if music moves with frame, it means the rhythm of music moves with rhythm of frame but it can be use on action scenes.


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