the comment of Janine Jansen Perfromance

The comment of Janine Jansen performance



          When I listened her performance, generally I thought that it was very fast and if I don’t know this concerto, understanding of whole concerto is getting harder for me. The beginning of the concerto there is a small cadenza before hearing of the main theme. Janine Jansen played very fast and in contrastingly, when she played the main theme, she played very slowly. However, she used very little bow for the beginning of main theme and it makes effective sound of violin. Generally she played very legato and in my opinion some of passages should not be played very legato because everything is heart like complex. However, after I listened her, my playing changed according to her. I started to play some passage very legato and it is better than before and also easy but not every passage sure. Her violin sound was very good quality so when she played piano articulation, it was very impressive. When I tried to play piano some passage like her, I am not satisfied my performance because of my violin quality. Especially for cadenza she played very fast but I think everyone liked because of her capability of virtuosity. Also playing fast is another ability which just some people are able to do. The music of Tchaikovsky violin concerto is very attractive that’s why even there are lots of different performance, people like to hear it. However when I looked as a student who try to play this concerto differently and truly, I can criticize both positive and  negative. The most negative criticize is her gesture and playing fast. Of course when soloist play concerto, it is hard to control of their gesture because they are concentrate deeply. The most positive side is that her violin sound quality and her better intonation. However, I can’t say the most beautiful performance is her performance but still I can say her style is very smooth and effective.


Ebru Yerlikaya


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