Film Music (XI) – Trailers and music

Trailer is a clip of movie that is organized with respect to an important part of movie or/and effective scenes of movie.  All movies have trailers to announce themselves to audience, so they have to be impressive. Movie crew pays more attention to trailers as well as movie, because when audiences watch trailers, they need to be curious about whole movie. So, crew pays more and more attention to scenes, editing, transitions and music, as materials of the trailer, which are used in and for the movie.

How can trailers be effective? Actually, creating trailers is the difficult part of project. Crew has to choose best frames, which they have, to show people. Editors have to edit in a different way, because in movie there is a continuous story and if crew shows the scenes like in the movie, curiosity wouldn’t exist, so editor have organize it in a different way. In addition, after adding special effects, music can be composed for trailer. As a footnote, there are many people who they are only composing for trailers.

Music part is a little striking part for trailers. If you think about trailers, according to movie there are contrasting ideas and frames which are changing suddenly. Trailers last approximately 2 or 3 minutes and frames sometimes change in 10 to 30 seconds. The most difficult part of composing is organizing music for sudden changes of affections and thoughts. How can the composer compete with this issue? Many composers try to use effect materials like long voices or sounds or little melodies which cannot be seen as themes or phrases. Composers generally avoid themes or phrases in sudden changes of moods in trailers, for continuity of their process. Everybody can imagine that it is too difficult to change emotions in every 10 seconds of music. Mathematically, that is possible to make, but to be not forgotten that music has to be effective and should be related to the clip. In addition, if a single theme can explain clips, composers try their best about the melody. For example, the trailer does not have contrasting frames or it is a calm clip, the only difficult part is creating an impressive melody or theme to be of interest.


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