performance practise 2

Especially, playing part that comes after cadence of Tchaikovsky violin concerto, is really hard because the energy of soloist decreases related to density and technical difficulties of cadence. There are lots of hard passages in the cadence and for each passage shows the quality of soloist. These passage should study in very detail because of providing the good tone of violin and affecting the listeners. The last note of cadence is B flat trill and then b natural which links the main theme. We can hear the main theme by the first flute. The atmosphere is very calm and peaceful after cadence however the tension is still continuing. In my opinion, after cadence, there are six more pages and it is too long and same melody and technical passages just modulation or variation. Therefore it doesn’t need to extend the concerto but Tchaikovsky did. If we can compare the other romantic concertos, this concerto first movement is really long and also intense. To play this part that comes after cadence is more difficult because of every passage is made modulation and the octave is very high for violinist and also playing good is getting harder. Especially the last two pages are very difficult because the tempo is suddenly changes very fast and lots of sixteenth notes. I study these two pages very slowly and “detaşe” which is one of the most important technique for violin. The purpose is studying detaşe to be master of these pages because when violinists play in tempo these pages, we can see, they can’t control their bow so they can’t finish the concerto truly. I listened from YouTube one video, is belonging to Itzah Perlman .Perlman is playing very fast and virtuosic but I can’t understand any melodic line, I just heard the fast good technical passage. Sure he played very well but when I think every detail it is not good performance, it is very virtuosic and he played like a game. However it is true that how soloist play this concerto even bad or good , the reality is for the concerto has beautiful melody and everyone likes it.
Ebru Yerlikaya


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