Correct Breathing Techniques for Wind Instrument Players 3



Dr. Andrew Weil who is a renowned doctor these years has a research about breathing. He suggests three important exercises about breathing.

  1. “The Stimulating Breath- Bellow Breath”

He says this technique comes from yogic breathing technique. The purpose of this is to raise the energy and increase alertness.

–          Frequently inhale and exhale through your nose and keep the mouth close. But it should not be stressed should be relaxed. Equally repeating this technique and as short as possible. You can hear a noisy sound through doing this.

–          Quickly three times inhale and exhale per second. And you feel your diaphragms movement. And breathe normally after each cycle.

–          (To care not to do more than 15 seconds on your first try.) By practicing this technique you can improve your time by five seconds or more, until you reach a full time.

If you do it properly, you may feel yourself more invigorated and improve the awareness of you after a good workout. You should feel the effort at the back of the neck, the diaphragm, the chest and the abdomen, Dr. Weil says.

  1. “ The 4-7-8 / Relaxing Breath Exercise”

He observes; this exercise technique is the most simple and beneficial one. You do not need any equipment or any special place to do it. Your position is not important but your back should be straight while applying this exercise. Your tip of the tongue should place just behind your upper teeth, and keep it here during the whole exercise. You exhale through your mouth around your tongue.

–          Exhale all the oxygen through your mouth by making whoosh sound. 

–          While counting of four mentally, close your mouth and quietly inhale though your nose.

–          Hold your breath for a count of seven.

–          A count of eight exhales completely through your mouth by making again whoosh sound.

–          This is the one cycle. And try to do three times.

Care about your capacity. While doing it try to do more deeply than the previous one. So you will improve your capacity. And the formula is 4:7:8 is complete.

Dr. Weil says; the exercise triggers your nervous system positively. He claims that it is more useful than drugs, because it tranquilizing the nervous system more than drugs. When you take a drug at first time it damages your system and it is not a natural behavior. You can try it twice in a day. It is normal to feel lightheaded at the first try. When you develop this technique it will take you one step forward. You can control your tension.

  1. 3.       “Breath Counting”

Sit in a comfortable position you spine should be straight and head inclined little bit forward. Close your eyes and take few deep breaths. Than let it be natural inhale and exhale. Ideally it should be quiet and slow, deep and rhythm may concern.

–          First count one to begin and exhale

–          Then inhale and exhale this time count two.  You should repeat it until five.

–          Then repeat this cycle at very beginning counting one, two etc.

This is meditation technique because you give your attention to exhalation you will get purified.



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