performance practise

Everyone knows the Tchaikovsky violin concerto, besides someone just about is getting bored. With the beautiful romantic melody, this concerto is one of the most significant compositions which have many different performances on it. When we listen from YouTube this concerto, there are lots of performances that some of them are wrong and just play regardless. Unfortunately, these kinds of performance are getting place and we don’t know how can play this concerto correctly, we just listen and imitates some violinist. The necessary thing is before start to study this concerto or any composition; we should look the score and at least two times listen the music to understand what form of this composition is and how we can reflect the composer’s thoughts and ideas truly. Of course it is not easy process however we can try to look different perspective and find secret things that belongs the composition.
For the Tchaikovsky violin concerto, I want to explain to you my experience and how can I study this concerto technically, and musically. The beginning of this concerto starts the first violin with F sharp note and this note should be perfect intonation because it is the important note for this concerto also the third voice of main theme (D major) chord. After a little orchestral tutti, solo violin begins with the little cadenza just like a link before hearing the main theme of concerto. Too many different performance for this solo beginnings however in my opinion, it should be not in tempo and not too much rubato also, it should be the improvisation character and calculate the notes equally also because of the entering the main theme after this link. This link should be fluent and clear for the conductor also. I study this link just like every note in one bow and legato and also the important notes are c sharp and b flat because c sharp should be high , b flat should be low to create the better intonation. The last notes are and g also important to start the main theme so how we can continue these notes for attaching the main theme especially for g note significant to conductor to give the first beat of orchestra. For the main theme generally play in G string and begins the articulation of piano. However, I listened one recording from the YouTube and the soloist play the first position of this melody and I felt that it is strange but after than I think actually it is different performance why not it is. Sure the soloist has very quality violin that’s why the tone of violin is perfect even plays the first position. With this main theme, there should be a smooth atmosphere and brilliant tone. Therefore, if we use the small part of bow and give importance to the weight of arm we can have good tone even we don’t have the best quality instrument. After this theme we can hear the theme again octave higher and double notes which should be equal like playing one note. Little by little the technically hard passages come and the tension increases. Before I play the concerto, I can study just passage slowly to understand every bow and notes because playing in tempo is suddenly really hard for it. The reflecting rhythmic character is difficult for bar especially second page of soloist part. Therefore for the better intonation and technique of bow, we should study slowly and then in tempo. There are lots of sixteenth notes passage by the modulation. And then another passage comes like dialog to the orchestra. For this passage I recommend students (us) careful usage of the bow because it cannot be equal and the control of the bow is difficult in this passage. After this passage there is a lyrical romantic other theme comes and the tone of violin should change here to be effective more. Actually it is already good romantic theme but if we think differently and try to find the quality of tone, the music is much more affective and it can be different performance. For example, fist we should use small bow and then we can use bigger or first we play whole bow and whole tone and then silence and the quality of piano changing articulation. After this passage the orchestra is as a link to soloist to enter the cadenza. Cadenza begins the big, brilliant chords and then the arpeggios. Generally some of soloist play cadenza very fast and In my opinion it is not the character of the cadenza. Sure the character is more virtuosic but we can catch the character also playing truly for the cadenza. It is just two papers however very determining factor of the soloist. Both musically and technically, we should be good level if we want to play in every detail and it is also the middle of the concerto like the center of concerto and generally it needs the condition. It is a long first movement and we should keep our energy to cadenza and after cadenza also. The intonation is important for the arpeggios and then the chromatic scales with the glissando also important because it needs the very detail study to understand what place is right for the glissando and the power of finger is important here.


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