Film Music (X) – POPular Music in movies

As you understand from my title, ı am talking about pop music in movies. Everything is related with movie subject. Movie producers try to stimulate every type of real or unreal conditions on white screen so that there are many movie genres like action, romantic, comedy, dram or science-fiction. All genres have different aims to reflect and different audience.

The main goal of film scoring that ı am always talking about is harmony of frame and movie. Most of movie genres paired with specific music genres. For example to this: War movies paired with mostly brass playing orchestral music, science-fiction movies paired with electronic music which is mostly  synthesizers, and some drama , romantic, comedy genres paired with pop music.

Why POP music is used on movies and generally these specific genres? Answer is simple, everything is related with, what you want to show and reflect. Drama, Romantic and Comedy genres, movie crew want to stimulate people’s real life to make their project familiar. For example: in romantic dramas, movies generally show breaking up people or something related with that. In order to be convincing, that frames music mostly pop music with dramatic lyrics. The reason is that many people in the world listen that kind of music in break up situation or something similar situations. Therefore, they reach their goals and can be convincing.

The other reason why they use is narrator perspective to make audience understand about unexpressed emotions or movie characters’ unexpressed emotions with each other. Music is not concrete thing to reflect certain sentences. Instrumental or electronic music cannot be meaningful solely. Therefore, popular music with lyrics helps to crew, to make announce audience about specific sentences.

It should not be forgotten that, this article is written by making generalization. Comedy, dram or romantic movies do not have to use “pop” music in their projects. They can use different styles of music, there is no standardized process.


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