tchaikovsky senfonies and concertos



            The characteristic Romantic structures are looser, more dramatic, reflecting visual and narrative elements, personal sensation and experiences. Therefore the opera is the central of romantic form, in instrumental music, whether with symphonic poem and the concertos the tendency was the music of to develop dramatically around some or less programmed or emotion. However, Tchaikovsky was suspicious of programmed music, to extent of reproaching himself for his symphonies and concertos. He known the virtues of the symphonies.. For example, Beethoven fifth symphony was the conscious model of his own fourth, Mozart was to him “the Christ of music”.  I want to examine in my paper the general looking of his symphonies and concertos and one example for each of one, his first symphony and violin concerto.

                For his first symphony in g minor, he retained a warm affection and feeling it to be immature but in some way richer than many of his later works. It is called winter daydreams and it begins with first and second violin tremolos and it creates winter atmosphere. In this work he was influenced Russian folk music, we can hear the scherzo movement folk theme and of course the folk theme is also his other symphonies and  he affected Mendelssohn’s Italian and Scottish symphonies we can see that the flowing melody of the very opening with string player. He wrote more intense and emotional themes and harmonically this symphony is very wide.

               For his violin concerto in D major, is one of the great virtuosity work. After orchestral opening, the soloist enters with little “canzonetta” .First movement tonality is D major and slow movement is d minor so he was providing key contrast. I think the first movement of concerto is really long because after cadenza there is like another concerto it is not finished and also the place of cadenza is the middle of the concerto it based on the Mendelssohn violin concerto which is the first concerto changing the place of cadenza and then we can hear the melody with transpose another tone when the first movement finish. The impact of finishing first movement is like a finishing whole concerto because of density of first movement.




John Warrack Tchaikovsky Symphonies and Concertos BBC Music Guides, BBC publication


Ebru Yerlikaya






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