Summary – Thoughts on my experience in Research Diary

Dear readers and dear instructor;

First of all, I would like to appreciate Yiğit Aydın for opening such an extremely beneficial course and accepting me to the class. Owing to his unusual but entertaining and beneficial course, I learnt plenty of things and had a chance to improve the skill of writing.

During this semester, I tried to show some important techniques related not only with violin literature but also with other instruments, including wind instruments (some techniques are also included in vocal music as well), and hopefully I could do so… All process started with Pioneer Countries and Musicians (composers) and conclusion was the apex of violin technique; double-stops. I wanted to introduce you important techniques which basically dominate the 19th and 20th century violin techniques within this period. Spiccato, staccato -including staccato volante ‘flying’-, ricochet saltanto, vibrato were some of the techniques I would sincerely like to introduce throughout the semester. You readers, may already know most of the techniques but my purpose towards this subject was to share some tricks and some details referring to these techniques with you all.

Generally I stuck to the source named as “Violin Playing as I Teach it” by Leopold Auer. Leopold Auer, as most of you know, was the great master of the 20th century and many virtuoso players were among his pupils; particularly Jascha Heifetz, Mischa Elman, Nathan Milstein, and so on…

Lastly; I would like to thank my instructor Yiğit Aydın and also Sertan İpek for giving me such a great opportunity to share my writings with the world…


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