Summary – My experience in Research Diary

With the help of research diary, we take a step on our research subjects every week regularly, therefore can learn a lot of new information and write about it, when these small steps are summed up through the semester.  If I ask myself question in which way this course contributes to me, the answer is very clear: Thanks to this experience, beside I learned lots of things, one of the most important things among them is that I started to write comments on the performance practice of a work in general and also about my own performance specifically. I learned to think critically and to find negative as well as positive sides of a single performance. Another good aspect is that doing some research becomes not so difficult for me because of this regular research process and the experiences regarding it. Through the semester, every week I take some (small) steps  in my research which provide me, in the course of time, with means to understand in detail a huge pool of information about my topic. Research Diary is a necessary course for students’ development of an historical musical background. Also it is enriching, because we experience something about the research of other students, we can follow simultaneously our friends’ topics and share different experiences among ourselves. In other words, it gives us to be aware of the others’ topics and also we learn something from them. Doing analysis and comment, and searching for historical information regularly on my topic, make my mind always ready to learn something. This course is very significant in our personal development as a musician.


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