Tchaikovsky senfonies and concertos




        One of the most important thing is Tchaikovsky’s music is to be effective among listeners.  We can say that aesthetic impact on humans. For his every work we can face with this issue and I think it is important to realize how his music is affected many people and also how his almost all works are popular and successful.  He focused on how his listeners would be like his works and he created melody for the capacity of instruments and he tried to provide emotional link to whole passage. 

               We can easily see that his violin concerto has a unique and beautiful melody that can affect people directly.  He used harmony highly sensitive and he achieve his purpose is to be pleasant for human. Also he used patriotic themes which come from the Russian and he used his first symphony third movement is folk dance and also rhythmically is very affected movement.  He use rhythm in his works very regular meter however, the helping of rhythmic structure, he achieve to reflect melody for people. He used many modulation and sequences and with the modulation he provides contrast between musical themes and also shows how themes are related each other same time. He likes the using the circle of the fifths also and we can see that especially Romeo and Juliet. And chromaticism and the pedal point are other main points which make valuable his music.

                  His first symphony and violin concerto are the significant example to show his quality in music.


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