Tchaikovsky’s first symphony


                 One of the most significant works of him is first symphony. Symphony is g minor and called “winter daydreams” that is the composer’s earliest notable. Its title, winter dreams suggest a poetic basis, which would give it the nature of programmed music but not two of the movements have any superscription indicating their descriptive meaning ,these being headed Dreams on a Winter Road and Sullen Land, Misty Land. The relation in which these poetic ideas stand to the music is that of providing the mood.

                The first movement “dreams on a winter road” is pronounced melancholy starts with the tremolos of first and second violin. This provides us to feel the winter environment and it is really effective. There are lots of modulations and it helps to change the color of music also. This symphony is sonata form also and those rules of exposition and organic growth and development of themes that Germanic composers such as Haydn and Mozart had invented.

                   The adagio which follows contains some charming references to folk song has very beautiful continuous melody. Especially in this movement the horns are very important role because the main theme repeats with horns and it can be very effective and the pitch of horns is really high, it is hard to control of intonation however, it makes this movement very poetic beautiful melody and sensitive. The scherzo which was sketched at an earlier date than the rest of the works as a part of piano sonata in C sharp minor might almost have been written by a predecessor of Tchaikovsky. It is an attractive and pleasing movement, full of musically qualities. It contains not the slightest element of real modernity. The final movement the usage of brass is very important. I think the final movement is the separate ideas are like together and showing the melodic line is hard. The middle of final movement, there is a fug theme and it is really hard sometimes composers says no need to play here because when some orchestras play there, it cannot be together and generally it is seen problem.


1)      The great composers series edited by J.A.WESTRUP “Tchaikovsky “




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