Entartete Musik (II) – Ernst Krenek

World War 2 is one of the  biggest  tragedy that the human beings had experienced. At the time of War, a great number of people were slaughtered, tortured and many experiments were carried out by using humans. All of these can not be forgotten, however, at that time, people tended to new pursuits which could heal them and also, they should have reflected these happenings one way or another.  Many painters, composers and musicians had changed the direction of art and in my opinion Ernst Krenek was one of them. Krenek was a composer during the time that musical and political changes had occurred. As Bowles indicates in his book named “Ernst Krenek- A Bio Bibliography”, “Krenek’s creative life, consequently, has reflected the turmoil of the times in which he has lived” p.1, 1989. In his compositions, he was impressed totally different styles and met different composers. As a result of this, he combined different styles and generated his own musical style and compositions. In my opinion, this is important  in the way of creating and finding your own style because in this way you can become more productive. Likewise, Krenek also created his own style and because of this he was free in his compositions. In that time, many new concepts entered the music and all of these were out of ordinary. There were lots of dissonances based on the twelve tone technique. Due to this, their musical styles were entitled as an Entartete Musik or Degenerated Music and because of their different musical thoughts, a lot of musicians, composers were forced to leave the country.  Krenek was one of these composers and at the end of the War, he went United States and became an American citizen in 1945.


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