Film Music (II) – The effect of music in movies

Everybody knows that, almost all movies have music for strengthen the feelings. The composers do not pay attention to their works in formal way. It means, they compose their music for frame. The major issue is the increasing emotions, because, audience don’t expect musical master pieces. It is an ancient, and very pervasive, idea that music expresses emotion.

Composers have been working very hard to create expressive and pure pieces. For instance:  composition should not upon the movie, it should be remembered that the major work is movie.

Many critics claimed that, soundtracks are not respectable. They are simple and meaningless.  They claimed, because they do not think that this is not a musical compose. In some ways, only synthesizers can create an effect. Think! In horror movies, frame needs a tension and a single chord, sometimes a single note which is flourished by synt sound, creates amazing effect for audience. This technique is used generally off-screen frames. According to this, critics can claim composers, but it is only about expectation.

The other impressive technique in horror movies is using tritons in composition. Actually this technique is based on ancient music history. We all know that tritons are devil. (Listening advice: jaws main theme) john Williams uses this technique in 1975. When the time passes, the development of the technology and searching new ideas that different from triton approach for horror movies creates computer based sound technology.

Next: Computer based composition for movies.


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