Film Music (I) – A History of audio recordings on movie

Before 1920’s, Film industry did not developed in technological circumstance. The major problem was, they were entirely silent. Because, talking picture had not been invented.  That’s why; audience had only watched frames and did not hear any voice, as a solution to this, film makers had need musicians to sound. They had used sometimes orchestra sometimes piano till the movie. The main purpose was not boring audience.

1920’s and 30’s Three German inventors patented “Tri Ergon”. It means: work of three.    Tri Ergon is the new system that provides recording sounds. It was amazing process for film industry. After that frames could talk. Fox Film Corporation bought Tri Ergon from German inventors. Shortly after, Western Electric Company invented Vitaphone technology. Vitaphone provides sound on disc.  Warner brothers who is film company used vitaphone technology and they presented their first movie “Don Juan” to audience.  Everything was traditional, nobody speaks, there were no dialogs or monologs, just orchestra plays music but the major difference was there were no live music everything was recorded on tape.

Recording technique was new but primitive. Musician had to play their music, when actors and actresses plays their role. Microphone technique was invented but they had to record at the same time with motion because tape recordings cannot be re-writable.

Vitaphone and Tri Ergon inventions have pioneered other many audio and motion recording process. Stereo monitoring, editable and re-writable analog recording systems have developed.  In 50 years, movies transforms, major industry and film score have started to take place.


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